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Sulfur Dye Fixing Agent HT-LG26 - 翻译中...

Sulfur Dye Fixing Agent HT-LG26 - 翻译中...

[Brief information ]
Sulfur dye fixing agent is a formaldehyde-free fixing agent, mainly used in post-treatment of vulcanized dye fabrics and obviously all fabrics’ fastness.

[Main composition]
--Polycation polyamine compounds.

[General properties ]

-- Appearance:   Colorless to pale liquid
-- Ionicity:  Cationic
-- Solubility:  Easily soluble in water
-- Stability:  Resist to acid, alkali, hard water and electrolyte.

[Properties and fields of application ]

--Few discoloration and avoid the stripping effectively.

--Obviously improve fabrics’ fastness of friction, soaping, and perspiration after treatment.
-- Free of formaldehyde and complies to environmental protect requirement.

[Application ]

Before fixing, please bleaching the fabric fully in order to remove the dye, salt and alkali and that ensure fixing effect for next process.

-- Dipping

Fixing agent: 1-6%O.W.F
Bath radio:   1:15-20
Temperature & Time:  30-50℃*15-20min
Dyed fabrics → dip in fixing agent at 30-50℃ for15-30mins → washing → drying.

-- Padding:

Fixing agent:  10-60g/L
Leuco vat padding process → drafty oxidation → cracking agent neutralization → washing → fixing agent → dye → dry by steam.

[Packing and storage ]

-- Packing: 125kg/polyethylene drum
-- Storage: Keep it under seal in cool and dry place.,6 months in a sealed container at room temperature.

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